I am a Buddhist living in the Adirondack mountains in northern New York State.  I practice in the Tendai school, a Japanese tradition.  When I made a formal commitment to practice Buddhism I was given the name Daichi. On June 20, 2010 I was ordained doshu or temple assistant after completing three years of training and study. Since then I have continued my formal training at the Tendai Buddhist Institute in Canaan, New York. Over the years I have helped lead Celestial Drum Tendai Sangha in Indian Lake, New York.

My formal practice includes meditation, chanting and ritual, but the main emphasis has long been on a form of practice that includes walking while reciting prayers and contemplations on Buddhist teachings.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dai Chi,
    I noticed today that some had visited Ox Herding from your site. So I wandered up the mountain looking for practice and found Mountain Practice. Thank you for your nice site and for putting Ox Herding in your blogroll! I’ll return the favor on Ox Herding.


  2. Hi Dai Chi.

    I’m a student of Shoken and attending the Tendai Doshu Study Group, as you are too(?)
    Just wanted to say hello from Denmark.
    I am looking forward to reading your blog.


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