Sacred Places – Indoors

I recently found myself with an unused room in my little house.  So I decided it was time to create a dedicated place for meditation, study and other practice.  I have been working at it for a week with no end in sight.

In Tendai we incorporate the widest range of Buddhist practices of any school.  An important branch of our practice is work.  So as I go about the humdrum tasks of painting, cleaning and preparing a new sacred place I have made them my practice.  Since I am temperamentally impatient with these kinds of projects, I have had a bonanza of opportunities to observe feelings of impatience, frustration and aversion rise and pass away.  If I can only train myself to be an observer of rather than a participant in these negative emotions perhaps I might achieve a sense of satisfaction in the task.  At any rate, that’s the theory.  Just as when the mind wanders away from concentration during meditation, I have to keep dragging myself back from my negative emotions to something more useful.  And that is where the practice lives, in the dragging back rather than the achieving of a goal.

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Daichi is my Dharma name, given to me when I made a formal commitment to follow the path of the Buddha. It is Japanese for Great Earth.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Places – Indoors

  1. Dear Dai Chi,

    Thank you for your wonderfully clear and simple, beautiful blog. I came across it from a comment you left on the Oxherding blog. After reading a little of your blog I followed a link and read a bit about Tendai Buddhism for the first time which was very enjoyable and interesting. I practice Chan Buddhism and hadn’t really come across Tendai before other than passing mentions.

    Reading “train myself to be an observer of rather than a participant in these negative emotions” I wondered if you were training yourself in a similar way with regards to your “positive emotions” since both equally take us away from just being and strengthen attachment to “self”? 🙂

    Best wishes.
    Yours in the Dharma, Puerhan

    1. Dear Puerhan
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment. As to your question; you are, of course, right. And in many ways it takes more training with positive emotions than the negative. For me the negative emotions need the most work because for so many years I did so much to let them grow as hindrances. My karma has set me the task. But I promise to take your thought to heart and be more attentive when positive emotions arise.

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